About Us

Man with ERA Backpack walking dog

We are travlwear, a team of engineers with a passion for all things adventure.

We focus on developing innovative gear, designed to keep up with you, no matter where the destination might be.

The Team

Matthew Samples

Matt has both a B.S. and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Cal Poly SLO. Matt's materials science knowledge was instrumental in designing the unique properties of ShieldTek™.

Idris Sadiq

Idris has his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Temple University. He is a math whiz and was vital in creating the machine learning algorithms that make ShieldTek™ shockproof.

Veronica Sardo

Veronica has her B.S. in Engineering Science & Mechanics from Penn State. Veronica's design expertise enabled the ERA Backpack to be both gorgeous and super functional.

Luke Rafla-Yuan

Luke has his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly SLO and his Masters in Engineering Management from Cornell University. His operations & risk management skill set have helped ensure the ERA Backpack's on-time delivery.

Sarah Rafla-Yuan

Sarah Rafla-Yuan

Sarah is a business and management genius. She has studied at the London School of Economics and Saint Mary's University. Without Sarah we would have an amazing backpack. With her, we have a business.

Our Products Are Built To Adventure

Our products are over-engineered, and we are proud of it.
Each feature has been carefully designed to allow you to do more on the go.